Welcome to Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE)!

Learning innovations for Future Education (LIFE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation established in 2012, primarily focused on development and field research of participative, experiential approaches to the changing needs of learning and education.

LIFE leverages its directors’ deep involvement with future learning modalities, techniques, technology and extensive work in alternative approaches to learning. Since its formation, LIFE has successfully undertaken a number of major innovative, experiential learning projects the public, academia, and other learning related organizations.

Our main mission is to expand the concept and improve the quality of future learning and performance across all modalities and age groups in a way that makes it more student-centered and tailored to individual needs, while equally extending the resources, approaches, skills and tools for teaching and assessment in the coming decade and beyond.

We are structured to develop our own research and to channel research from our collaborative and academic partners in the emerging education arena and manifest it into a broad spectrum of activities and experiential learning events, to presentations, to course and curriculum design and development, to teacher training for future learning approaches, to make labs, and more.

Where appropriate, we creatively disseminate the results of this research to education professionals and students, as well as the general public.

Our flagship event, STEAM³ – The Future of Learning and Education (UT Austin, 2014, Georgia State University Atlanta, 2015):

A 501(c)3 research and development of participative approaches to the changing needs of education