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DIY Futuremakers


DIYFutureMakers was an innovative summer camp alternative/ think tank for bright young creatives (and the young at heart)

Students had the opportunity to experience DIY, hands-on, “maker” projects and a fascinating, innovative study of the theoretical, practical, and entrepreneurial.

The course took place at Skybridge Academy (formerly Bronze Doors Academy), in keeping with the school’s college prep, liberal arts education approach focused on preparing children for our global, 21st-century culture.  The camp also served as a way to deepen the school’s goal to act as a community hub for homeschoolers and lifelong learners, particularly those with a DIY/maker affinity.

Students experienced talks by experts on emerging techniques/technologies and made their own projects related each week’s theme. They also had access to an event expert that guided them every step of the way in developing their own exciting “showcase” event to present the Friday evening of each session, a way to teach them crucial marketing skills and connect their work to a larger audience.

Week long classes included: DIYFuture Food (growing, nutrition, and cuisine), DIYFuture Home (convergent, experiential, cradle-to-cradle design), DIYFuture Human (AI and robotics) and DIYFuture Fashion (eTextiles, interactive wearables), DIYFuture Music (hacking, build your own music makers), and DIYFuture Art (convergence, transmedia).