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We created, curated and produced a ‘Living The Future’ Sense Event to explore and develop multi-dimensional, immersive approaches to The Future Of Education, with emphasis on the future of experiential learning!  We own the STEAM3 franchise and are in the process of rolling it out to a number of other universities and cities.

The two-day event featured:

  • Immersive, interactive installations
  • Speakers and panels
  • Workshops & demonstrations
  • Make Labs & Collaborative Design
  • Exhibitions, technology faire
  • Entertainment

 With A Focus On 4 Main Areas: 

  • Living Classroom
  • The Game of Learning
  • Make Magic
  • Interactive Storytelling

There were 19 speakers in all, 23 installations and a broad-based audience of educators, instructional designers, students, parents,  learning content creators and makers…

Installations ranged from nanoart to experimental geography, organic math to gamification.